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Our RVs afford seating for twelve so transportation is more fun than using two SUVs. Your love-ones will bond and make many memories on the way to ....

camping at Its Finest. Houston Texas RV Rentals Rent RV Motorhome rental  

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If you’re looking for the perfect Truck Camper, look no further. Again, Houston Texas RV Rentals has all that you could possibly need, and so much more. Our rental product is made with great materials that are reinforced to last. Our mechanics and trades men are hand picked and dedicated meticulous craftsmen.  Our Truck Campers are thus one of a kind, ten times stronger and more reliable that when they left the factory.

So stop by today at our RV Rental spot to look see for yourself.

Houston Texas Rv Rentals in Houston

We’ve got everything you need for your birthday bash, high school prom, college tail gating, family sporting or Nascar events.  

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Our reliable RVs will take you there in style and comfort for your special family outing creating memories, pictures and video blogs to last through out the years.  


  • 2015 Thor Axis / Vegas 25.1
  • 25 ft long, 11 ft high
  • Ford chassis - 6.8L Triton V-10: gas
  • 55 gallon tank: range 500 miles
  • On board generator: 1 gal/hr
  • Sleeps 5; seats 12 adults
  • On board WiFi
  • 225/day; 190/bi-week, 170/month
  • Discounts: Airline Crew
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  • As a Boutique RV Rental shop, we stock our facility with only one type of RV: The Thor Axis / Vegas 25.1.  It is the best rental model on the market, superb for first time renters, and was ranked number one in it's class three years in a row.

    Someone had the great idea of using a Class C chassis and placing a Class A cab on it and voir la, vive la différence:  They came up with a winner. 

    What we have is an easy to drive, comfortable, luxurious single cabin maneuverable motor-home.  It sleeps five and because of it's convertible back bench feature can transport a comfortable twelve adults.

    We aim to provide excellent customer service to all those looking for quality rentals, as well as low prices to keep them coming back time and time again.

    Scheduled a personal tour. Come see our amazing Thor Axis or Vegas with your own eyes.  You will be amazed.

    Get more information about our product. Can’t find a Thor Axis or Vegas rent rv? Get in touch with us.